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need to know if you plan to head into the city. tara. >> reporter: every member of the police force will be out in full force this weekend. they are actually going to be closing northbound lane here along the embarcadero. we are right in front of the official team store for oracle usa for the america's cup. the closure will allow emergency vehicles access into the hub of the activity. what a jam packed weekend it is expected to be. the america's cup will draw 40,000 people. city leaders hope all of the activities will be a hear individualer for what is to come next year. if you look up into the skies of san francisco you will see the beloved blue angels. they have been making practice rounds for the show on saturday and sunday. here's a look at the other helps going on. the giants are taking on the reds in the national league playoffs saturday and sunday. the bluegrass festival will take place in golden gate park. and the 49ers will play the bills sunday. the heritage parade is happening in north beach on sunday also. we have two mega cruise ships docking here in the bay. that will
. neighbors called in more than 1,700 noise complaints. >>> the city of oakland released a statement that reads in part, quote, we apologize for the discomfort and inconvenience, -- inconvenience. we are sorry for the situation. >>> still, you will have to give up plastic bags and they will offer up compostable bags instead and they are required to charge a dime for each one. the law kicks off for restaurants and bakeries next year. >>> here in the bay area, you are encouraged to try to take transportation or try to carpool and today marks the third spare the air day of the season. >>> sal is checking in to make sure everything is running on time, sal? >>> that is right, so far we are starting the morning off on time with all the bart trains. it is a very nice looking drive, if you are coming up to the toll plaza, no major problems getting into the city. that traffic looks good on highway 17. let's go to steve. >>> maybe around daily city, passive can, i don't think it has much of a chance with it being the fog. we start with 50s for some and 40s for others. yesterday's highs, the ci
channel 2 morning news. >>> a candidate for oakland city council is now talking about being gunned he was standing near his car and he said he felt something poke him in the back and he has a plan on cutting back on oakland a crime rate. >> i hear, crime i crime being crime and no, i feel it fuss hand. >> they told him to run away and so far police have not released any information. >> it shows a fender bender led up to last year's shooting. p coming up, the plea from family members. >>> with the dead's crossed clinch, that is according to the oakland tribune, they are requiring officers to work over time. currently they have 62 police officers compared to 83 officer just in the idea stable. and highway patrol officers while did candidates complete training. >>> lube which was last seen getting into a car. he is 29. this was yesterday mark lane. the car is tan or silver colored, if you see them call police. >>> more people are asking them to drop cover and hold on. it is decided it has come after the earthquake and more than 9 million people are expected to participate in this mornin
city hall. remanence of last nights violence. demonstrators threw paint balls and smashed win does at -- windows at city hall and the tribune. the group of about 200 people had gathered at frank gala virginia and timed a rally to coincide with the 11th anniversary of the war in afghanistan. circles back to city hall that is when the violence broke out. luxury cars were also vanned lized. >> i don't know how safely we are the 1%. we are hard working people. >> reporter: the march only lasted about 40 minute. police were not able to make any arrests and we don't have any word yet on the dollar amount of the damages but we'll be finding out later this morning and perhaps speaking to some of the business owners that will have to spend quite a bit of money to prepare the windows. live in oakland i'm tara moriarty. >>> president obama will be back in san francisco later today to raise money for his reelection campaign. the president will begin today in the central valley to dedicate a national monument to caesar chavez. then he will arrive in the bay area for three fundraisers. first at
will return to city hall back in may. they will also talking about the right right to speak out to prevent interruptions. >>> more than 100 customers are in the dark. it started at 8:00 p.m. power should be fully restored by 6:30. it is happening for the first time in six years. they have all three batters in the top of the 9th as they defeated the texas rangers and the win means at the very least they have clenched one with of the wildcard spots. they celebrated and josh roddick gave him a pie in the face. >>> as you can see the celebration moved into the clubhouse where beer was flowing. cocoa crisp played in the down willing and scoring the event winning run. >> you know you wouldn't think all these rookies have something perfect than this. they have two games and if they win both they will be western vision champions. if not they will have the same spot. >>> last year the a's and giants were out of it and now they are in it and a lot of baseball fans are a happy. as you get to out mcarthur maze, there are no major problems, westbound bridge looks good and this is the only time when th
downtown oakland this comes as the city braces for an anniversary demonstration, tara? >> reporter: one week ago, frank plaza was ugly, there was tear gas bottles being thrown and this year it could get even uglier if some vigilantist have their -- vigilantes have their way. now here is the scene, people have been urging people to bring bats to the next protest. they are asking them to bring bats to stand up and defend their city and it says to target can you caution. -- caucasians. could this be something caused by protesters themselves but many say a few people will show up on the square and it is bringing up some bad memories from the 60s and we will tell you what city officials have to say about this. >>> in election news this morning, both president barack obama and mitt romney head back out on the campaign trail after their feisty debate. >> mitt romney says he has a 5 point plan he has a 1 point plan and that plan is to make sure folks at the top play by a different set of rules. >> the two men started over gas prices, immigration the attack in libya and the economy. >> for me i
at oakland city hall last night. >> can you remove those people who are protesting and refuse to take their seats. >> they say the police shooting of alan blueford back in may was unwarned and -- unwarranted and unjustified. >> you can see the pain in my eyes my heart is broken but you turn away from me and act like it don't matter, alan blueford is gone... >> he gave his copy of the report to the alan blueford family but it still remains with unanswered questions. alan blueford pointed a gun at an officer. >>> and it came with the release of a court appointed review. they exam anybodied nine police shootings and it states they were sympathetic towards fellow officers and in several cases officers who opened fire did not face an immediate threat. some of the officers could potentially be disciplined. >>> president barack obama and mitt romney face off tonight in denver. the format will be a little different than past presidential debates. we will hear what issues will get special emphasis tonight. >>> all lanes are back open after a big accident at about he 10:30 last -- at about 10:3
neglected safety standards. >>> san francisco city hall, it was one of the -- he was one of the four americans killed during the attacks by while in benghazi. the memorial is scheduled to begin at 430. >>> secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is taking responsibility. the obama administration has been criticized for reportedly denying questions prior to attack 275 posts, the president and the vice-president certainly wouldn't be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. >> hillary rodham clinton said she has appointed a panel to investigate the attack on the consulate. >> they are facing off in their second debate. coming up, we will have a different format on tonight's debate and president barack obama is stepping up his game. >> here in the bay area, the mountain view city council is appealing chick fillet restaurants. many who live near the proposed site are appealing. they say it will lead to more accidents with bicyclists. >>> right now they want to get an early morning look at the traffic. , here is sal. >>> up to the speed limit in th
and it is expected to head across eastern pennsylvania today. before taking a sharp turn into new york. new york city and surrounding areas will see hurricane force winds throughout the day. >> we knew it was going to be a very dangerous storm and the storm has met our expectations. >> at least 16 deaths are being blamed on the storm which knocked out power to million. the subway system suffered extensive damage. now the storm has canceled more than 100 flights and out of the area, here is more on how it could a fact your travel to the east coast. >>> i just spoke to the manager at fso and they say most are canceled, most, not all and it is important to check with the airline. when we got to terminal two, we found a lot of people who were affected by this storm. a lot of people had to spend the night and it is all because of the impact of super storm sandy. many are international travelers who had lay overs here in san francisco and some did not learn about this storm and their connecting flights being canceled until they arrived yesterday. >> i flew in yesterday from community to find out my flight
overnight in a massive fire at a union city strip mall. ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong is out there at the scene with exclusive video of the fire as well as some information on a firefighter who was hurt. claudine. >> reporter: that firefighter is okay. this is a very active scene out here. let me give you a look at what is going on. you can see all the water used to fight this fire out in front filling like a parking lot. firefighters still there. they just turned off the aerial hoses. if you want to get a good idea where this fire started all you have to do is look into the corner. that is where the area is they think this fire actually started. at its height this fire was  huge. i want to show you video of the fire. you can see the flames shooting out of the roof of this strip mall. firefighters tell me this all started just after 1:00. someone drove by and saw smoke. when they got out here they realized they were dealing with a much bigger situation. this fire has been burning for some time but had been hidden in the attic. when they opened up the roof, that's is what th
york city last night. >> i have already seen earlier reports from tonight's dinner. headline. obama embraced by catholics. romney dies with rich people. >> the song you may have noticed i have a lot more energy in our second debate. i feel really well rested after the nice long nap i had in the first debate. >> coming up at 4:45 the political jabs the candidates worked into their jokes. >>> it is game five of the national league championship series tonight. a must win game for the giants if they want a chance to be back in the world series. >> up the middle that is a base hit. >> the st. louis cardinals got on the board first in game four last night with tim lincecum on the mound for the giants. giants did get some offense from hunter pence and pablo sandoval both hit home runs but was not enough. the cardinals won the game 8-3. >> it's not that much different than what we experienced in the last round. we were down. we had to win three in a row and we were able to do it. hard to do. hard to win in st. louis and hard to beat the cardinals. this team i wouldn't put anything past this
frank ogawa camp. city leaders say keeping the space a top priority. oakland mayor jean quan said the city changed how it handle situation. demonstrators will meet outside city hall 3:00 this afternoon. they will march through downtown and return to frank ogawa plaza. >> we have a lot of confidence that we can handle the demonstration and it will be handled fairly. >> organizes are urging people to bring tents, warm clothing, shields and defensive attitude. in a letter mayor quan said there will be no tolerance for overnight camping, violence or destruction. >>> among those injured iraq war veteran scott olsen who was hit with a projectile, recommending disciplinary action against 44 officers including firing two. state law require that a ruling be made within a year of an accident. >>> a hercules teacher was arrested on suspicion of marijuana. they recall there after a worker reported unattended car can engine running in the school parking lot. inside the car police found a pound of marijuana and $4200 in cash. it's unclear if goodman sold drugs to students. >>> tonight san franc
park where the giants will meet who will begin their trip to the motor city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is busy out here in front of at & t park. this is where the giants will meet. they all board buses and head out on to the road. headed for detroit. hoping to wrap up the world series in just two more games. giants going on the road. game three is tomorrow night. we want to show you video of the team packing bags. giants will hit the road in a bit of an unfamiliar spot. in control. game two went to the giants last night. much different game than game one. no big home run. but we have to mention the performance on the mound. pitcher bumgarner only allowed two hits over seven innings. >> jackson waits for another 3- 2. and strike out. >> reporter: here's a good stat for you each of the past eight teams to take the lead two games to nothing and 14 of the past 15 went on to celebrate the championship. stats definite in their favor. that includes a 2010 giants team that won the world series. back out here live. they do expect the team to come really this morning during our
fell short of reaching. >> people were very happy in san francisco but in some parts of the city the victory celebration turned into and ugly scene. >> we begin with ali. >> reporter: fortunately it was the kinds of damage that was eltifl easy to clean -- relatively easy to clean up. if you look here in the middle of the street, you can see a pile of garbage still out in the middle of the street. that was the burnt out contents of one of the many dumpsters that was lit on fire an on this stretch of road. so far, there are no reports of any businesses damaged in the mission neighborhood. this intersection, you can see open to traffic but it was a very different scene here a few hours ago. police lined the intersection of 16th and mission early this morning. they set up a command center of sorts, a lot of vehicles and a hundred officers at that intersection. we saw police make some arrests. and this was after fans and rowdy crowds set several dumpsters on fire in the middle of mission street. some of those dumpsters kept flaring up and smoldering for hours. >> we started around 24
that happened in the city of glenn cove neighborhood. ktvu channel 2 morning news wopping wong joins us with more about the man accused of opening fire on neighbors. >> he said the sister martin he is a former marine and you can see the marine flag flying out in front of his home. the home of the toe people he shot was vallejo. i want to show you video as the coroner took the two victims from the scene. they are 50 and 58 years old. police say they walked with a gunshot the two victims and witnesses reported hearing 6 to 8 shots. police responded to the scene and said they led them to a 45 minute standoff. it did end peacefully with him being taken to a police car. we talked to one person who was shocked by the events. >> this is a quiet neighborhood. and from these guys, i mean they are very good friends from what i see and the guys always help around the neighborhood cleaning yards, help picking up garbage. >> do you know martin well? >> i see him, he comes around here, we chat, that is about it. >> do you think hip. >> was there anything going on between the two? >> not each, no. >>
at about 9:00 and there are crews all over the city that will be checking it out. we stop by on our way over here to check out the activity and there is no way you are getting through because that area is shut down and perhaps is well underway and it does not look like anybody slept last night. we did find a few giants fans and we asked them about coming so early. >> we rented a hotel, staying in the continental, so. >> what time did your alarm go off last night? >> you were worried you would not get a good spot? >> yes, well i came here in 2010 and i took bart from el cerrito so i thought i would get here early this time. >> who would have thought we would have been veterans and this is 2010 and it did get crowded awfully early. how are things different? also your favorite players will be riding in convertibles making it easier to see everyone and getting up and close with everybody getting to see their favorite giant players. here is spear between market and mission and they will all shut down to traffic, you will not be getting in and out of here. a million people are expect told fil
as needed. >>> hotels are close to full as world series tourist money pours into the city. a little mood music. the fairmont hotel was it will orange. the chancellor hotel is running a special. two tickets, a room, and break it's for $2,000. >> for these next couple of games you can find rooms you will pay a little bit more for them because it's a big event. >> restaurants, bars and retailers also benefit from the big game. the dugout sold out two shipments of world series shirts. now a reminder if you don't have a ticket, you can watch the series with us right here on ktvu channel 2. the giants host the detroit tigers for game one at & t park our coverage begins at 4:30 this afternoon. >>> 4:32 this morning. a sheriffs captain surround investigation for his alleged roll in a pot growing investigation. it was launched after federal investigators confiscated 500 plants. johnson owns the property along highway 20 next door. the sheriff is now trying to determine how much johnson knew about the pot grow. he will remain on duty until the investigation is complete. >>> time is 4:33. this morn
, monday they head to detroit and then if the series goes that long, back in the city for halloween night which falls on a wednesday and then again on thursday. so obviously october -- orange october in full swing. didn't get too much sleep last night. i myself was at the game and it was a great one. live in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> this shop right here in union city maids officially licensed national -- made officially licensed national league t-shirts all night. they were the same shirts the players wore after they wore. they will be sold at sports basement, jcpenney and sports authority. graphic sports ware of san francisco will begin printing gear at 6:00 a.m. we are going to have continuing coverage of the giants trip to the world series throughout the morning. coming up, how san francisco police are planning to handle another big event in the city. >>> well, in overnight news, firefighters in oakland are trying to figure out what caused a car to go up in flames. this is a live picture from the scene right now. the car was parked in the lower level parki
is expected to dismiss a discrimination lawsuit filed against the city of oakland by one of their own officers. a tentative decision a judge rejected discrimination claims. long higher alleged he was discriminated because he was proclaimed to be a black muslim. but a judge said there was insufficient evidence. long higher investigated the killingover chauncey bailey. >>> right now it's 4:48. i want to go back to sal to check in on traffic. >> all right, pam, good morning. we have a minor accident in vallejo. east 80. but it's not causing a big delay. moving along to the other side the east shore freeway coming west where most people are using it this way, westbound it's still looking pretty good from vallejo all the way to berkeley and to an uncrowded bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is moving well right here and getting into san francisco. on the peninsula traffic on 101 and 280 off to a good start with no trouble on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge. let's go to steve. >>> thank you. a very happy friday morning. a lot of cloud cover again still wrapping around the low. it's moving
outages in oakland. 7,000 people without power. in daly city 4,000 people are without power. and if fairfield another 3,000 people don't have power this morning. again, all of that expected to be because of this wet weather that has moved into the bay area. obviously this morning a good idea to be careful if you're out on the roadways. the roadways are wet, they are slick. the first run rain of the season brings those out of the roadway. we are live this morning in richmond alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >>> overnight a driver was arrested in the san lorenzo area following a crash. that happened at western boulevard in medford avenue shortly after 2:00 this morning. alameda county sheriffs deputies say the driver was speeding after going over railroad tracks. the car went airborne and crashed into a parked mini van. a second car was also damaged. the driver was taken to jail and passenger was treated for minor injuries. >>> it is winner take all at at & t park after the giants force game seven of the national league championship series. >> another strikeout for vogelsong.
and fences but there is concern it could spread to homes. >>> after occupying an empty building in the city's castro district and the group homes, not jails world homeless day. they entered a building and began hanging signs from the roof. >> this has been pulled off the market for about seven years. police say some of the protesters arrested could face fill any charges. >>> a masked gunman in a -- on a motorcycle was headed to the embassy where he had worked for 20 years. a source said it has the fingerprints of al qaeda. it is unclear about the incident that killed stevens. >>> coming up at 4:42 we will have a live report from bill. >>> chances for another bay bridge are still alive. well sends it here, the oakland a's will live another day. >> they rallied and beat them 4- 3 last night and as tradition, the fun loving aides congratulated the cocoa critp. >> maybe i never loved you. an amounts fans -- a's fans hope to cheer them to victory and way done, there it goes, angle pay again. smacked three home runs to win 8-3. out of the lincoln they truck out six hitters, it trust struck out th
of from office. they will here from the city's attorney and ethics commission. >>> the former penn state assistant coach was accused of offending 10 boys. jerry sandusky is also expected to speak. yesterday he issued an audio statement from jail maintaining his innocence. >> they can take away my life and in my heart i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. >> jerry sandusky's case led to the firing of the football coach joe paterno and trials are pending for pnc park state administrators who are accused of lying to a jury. >>> right now estimated damage from weekend vandalism is at $12,000. yesterday they replaced shattered windows and cleaning paint at the oakland tribune and st. haul. people marched downtown to protest the war in afghanistan. no arrests were made. >>> a step could be taken to increase the number of red light candles. it automatically sends citations. they will work on expanding it to 30 and that could increase income by as much as $40,000 a month with cameras. >>> let's look at the early morning commute, hey, sal. >>> traffic looks good about the bay. >>> so
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